Please note that the items listed below are recommendations based on my own personal preference. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to equipment, and what works for one musician may not be a good fit for another.



S.E. Shires Custom Trombones – I currently play custom horns created by the S.E. Shires Company. I use two different tenor trombones on a regular basis:

A .547″ bore horn, which I use for most orchestral and chamber music:

  • 1YM bell
  • Gold brass tuning slide
  • Axial flow valve
  • TW47 slide
  • #2L leadpipe

A .508″ bore horn, which is primarily used in commercial or jazz settings, but also works well in lighter orchestral music:

  • S1YM 8″ bell
  • SY 1.5 tuning slide
  • T08 slide
  • #2 leadpipe


I use a King 7B with an independent (“in-line”) rotary valve setup (Bb/F/Gb/D). Since being purchased by Conn-Selmer, the King line of instruments now includes only tenor trombones, with an emphasis on small-bore instruments.


I use a copy of a Slokar 125 that was pieced together by The Horn Guys in California.


Griego Mouthpieces – For my .547″ bore trombone, I use the large-shank Toby Oft signature model, made by Christan Griego.

Doug Elliot Mouthpieces – I currently use a one of Doug’s modular systems anytime I play a small tenor or alto trombone. I highly recommend contacting Doug directly to set up a meeting in person or via Skype prior to buying his mouthpieces – Nobody I’ve met understands the embouchure better than Doug!

Music Stores

Hickey’s Music – Based out of Ithaca, NY, Hickey’s has an amazing selection of trombone music and accessories. The combination of their product availability, affordable prices, and helpful staff make this my favorite place to shop. – When I’m searching for a particular accessory, I often check Amazon for their prices and unbeatable shipping options.


To see some of the accessories that I recommend for all trombone players, head over to the Practice Aids page.

Looking to buy a new instrument?

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